Friday, June 11, 2010

Carstensz Pyramid

Mountain Name: Carstensz Pyramid or Mount Carstensz in English, Puncak Jaya in Indonesian, Nemangkawi in Amungkal.

Etymology: Carstensz was a Dutch explorer who first saw icefields on the mountain in 1623. Puncak Jaya is an adulterated version of the first president of Indonesia Puntjak, and Jaya means victory.

Height: 16,024 Feet.

First Known Attempt at Climbing: 1962 by Heinrich Harrer.

First Known Summit: 1962 by Heinrich Harrer.

Climbing Season: All year.

Climbing Routes Shown Below:

Estimated Prices: $? - $18,500

More information (including more stories and pictures) about Carstensz shall come at a later date Tuan bersedia.

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